Facial And Oral Corrections Can Be Made With The Help Of An Oral Surgeon

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is usually referred to as oral surgery and is an area of dentistry. An oral surgeon diagnoses and surgically treats injuries, defects, and diseases that are related to function or appearance of the teeth, jaw, face or mouth. An oral surgeon helps an individual control serious oral diseases, correct congenital growth issues, and much more.

When an individual has a problem with their jaw, it affects how they chew their food, speak, and breath. These skeletal and dental jaw irregularities can be corrected through reconstruction and realignment of the upper and lower jaw. Birth defects of the face or skull like a cleft palate will be fixed by an oral surgeon.

Reconstructive Or Cosmetic Surgery

Soft facial tissues, jaw, or facial bone problems can be fixed after a traumatic accident or the removal of cysts or tumors. This type of surgery corrects the form and function of the area, and usually involves the skin, nerves, bones, and other parts of the body to perform the reconstruction process.

Sleep Apnea

This type of condition causes serious health problems in an individual and can literally stop an individual’s breathing while they’re sleeping. Surgical procedures that correct sleep apnea include Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, Genioglossus, and Maxillomandibular. The goal for each type of surgery is to improve the airflow into the breathing passages.


TMJ is also known as temporomandibular joint problems. It causes serious facial pain, fullness in the ears, swelling of the face, headaches, and much more. Non-surgical treatments are usually recommended for this type of condition, but when that type of treatment doesn’t work, an oral surgeon can help.


When an individual suffers from oral, head or neck cancer, an oral surgeon will be able to treat them. They also treat severe infections of the jaw, neck salivary glands, and oral cavity.

There are a variety of treatments an oral surgeon provides to correct problems with the head or neck area. They have extensive training on the bone structure, nerves, and functioning of those areas. If you suffer from a condition that affects your head, neck, eyes, or mouth, please contact Capital Oral and Facial Surgery Center n Washington D.C.

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