Good Oral Health Could Lead to Good Overall Health

Nearly everyone knows how important regular dental care is to ensuring good oral health. People who see their dentist every six months typically have cleaner and healthier teeth. They are less likely to have cavities or develop gum disease. However, having regular dental exams and cleaning could have some unexpected benefits. In fact, good oral health care may lead to better overall health.

Early Detection

Most people visit their dentist more often than they see their doctor. Cardiovascular disease, a top killer of older people, is often detected by dentists before a patient ever has a symptom that prompts them to make an appointment with their doctor. Early detection of heart disease could lead to more effective treatment and extend a person’s life span. Heart disease isn’t the only serious condition detected by dentists. Many people find out they could have diabetes after a dentist examines their teeth and gums. People who see the dentist every six months have a better chance to get early treatment for potentially serious medical conditions.


When a patient has strong, healthy teeth, they are more likely to eat a healthy diet. Strong teeth and healthy gums allow people to chew a wide variety of foods, including meats and fresh vegetables. A healthy diet that is full of variety helps people get all the nutrients they need to nourish their bodies. Being able to chew meat and crunchy vegetables is essential to good health. People who are unable to chew tend to have limited diets that include far too many unhealthy foods and drinks.

Going to Murphy Dentistry in Batavia every six months isn’t only good for teeth and gums, it’s good for overall health. When a dentist suspects a person has cardiovascular disease or stage 2 diabetes, the patient then knows to schedule an appointment with their medical doctor for testing. Regular dental visits, therefore, could help people stay healthy and live longer lives than those who avoid the dentist. The minimal amount of discomfort a patient might experience in the dental chair is negligible compared to the number of years they might add to their lives just by getting their teeth cleaned.

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