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When it comes to health in later life, researchers have found that laughter really can be the best medicine.

A new study headed the State University of Georgia offers to combine laughter with moderate physical exercise can improve the mental health of older people and to increase their motivation and ability to participate in physical activity.

Happy elderly exercises Adding laughter to physical activity can provide a wealth of benefits for the elderly. Lead author Celeste Greene, from the Institute of gerontology of the state of Georgia, and colleagues report their findings in the gerontologist. Well established that physical activity at any age is beneficial to health. For seniors, regular physical activity can improve heart health, help control weight, reduce the risk of diabetes, improve bone health, as well as the maintenance and growth of muscle strength. According to the Centers for control and prevention (kamagra oral), adults aged 83 years and older should engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity (viagra) or 75 minutes of high intensity aerobic activity (e.g. Jogging) every week. In addition, elderly people should participate in muscle enhances the activities - such as sit-UPS or just carrying heavy bags - at least 2 days a week. However, a recent study by the CDC found that more than 1 in 4 adults in the United Statesaged 75 years and older - equivalent to about 35 million Americans - do not participate in regular exercise.

"Putting the fun in fitness for the elderly Greene and the team noted that one of the main barriers to regular exercise for seniors is a lack of motivation, mainly through the implementation of low physical activity. For their study, researchers set out to investigate whether the Association of laughter with physical activity will promote growth of exercise fun for elderly people, allowing them to reap the associated health benefits. "We want to help older people have a positive experience with exercise, so we have developed a program of physical activity that specifically aims at the implementation of exercise through laughter," explains green. "Laughter is an enjoyable activity, and it carries so many health benefits, so we have included deliberate laughter in this program to put the fun in fitness for seniors." The program, created by the researchers called LaughActive. It includes moderate-intensity physical activity with simulated laughter techniques in which participants choose to laugh, without any incentive with a sense of humor.

This simulated laughter initiates eye contact and playful behaviours with other members, said the team, which initiates a real laugh. The researchers explain that the body is not able to determine the difference between simulated and real laughter, as the form offers health benefits.

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