What A Patient Can Expect During The Installation Of Dental Implants

Few things wreak havoc on a person’s self-esteem like a lackluster smile, and missing teeth cause individuals to have a less than desirable appearance. Advancements in oral surgical techniques have solved this dilemma through the use of dental implants, which give a person a perfect smile without the use of dentures or partial plates. Many patients are leery of dental implants, but gaining an understanding of how the procedure works will alleviate fears and worry and help anyone achieve the perfect smile.

Initial Consultation

During the consultation, the dentist will take measurements of a person’s mouth and make sure that the bone is healthy enough for the procedure. Many doctors utilize 3D imaging to create a template that is used to determine the exact location of the implants as well as the size and location of the temporary acrylic teeth. In some cases, the dentist may need to reshape the jaw bone to provide a patient with the best possible outcome.

Implant Procedure

The next phase involves the placement of the implant supports. The dentist will remove any teeth that may inhibit successful installation of the implant and will then use an oral drill to create holes and insert the supports into the jaw bone. The supports will then be covered with an abutment and the temporary teeth, usually made from acrylic, will then be attached to the support system.

Fixed Denture Installation

The final step occurs 6 to 8 weeks after the implant procedure after the supports have fused to the bone through osseointegration. The temporary acrylic teeth will be removed, and the permanent dental fixture is then mounted to the supports. Most doctors recommend that a patient avoid hard or chewy foods until the bone has completely fused and the healing process is completed.

The use of dental implants has made it easier than ever for anyone to obtain the smile they deserve. Dr. Terry Watson in Syracuse offers a complete array of services, including implants, and works with patients of all backgrounds to create a dental plan that will restore self-esteem. Call today to learn more and schedule an appointment to see how affordable restoring a smile should be.

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